Kim cutting brailleHello everyone! I’m Kimberley Burrows and I have been a Henshaws service user for over a year now. As the RNIB’s Young Illustrator of 2014 and having a strong interest in all things art, I was very kindly invited to be involved with the One Man’s Vision exhibition; celebrating the work of Thomas Henshaw and detailing his story of founding Henshaws Society for Blind People over 175 years ago. I thought I would share with you my involvement in the project and provide an interesting insight into the early stages of preparation and installation of this very exciting exhibition!

Over the past few weeks I have been Brailling out labels to make all of the information as accessible as possible to visitors who prefer the format (audio description and an audio tour will also be available) and I recently spent a day with Laura Wigg-Brailey, project manager and curator of the exhibition, attaching the labels to foam boards and slicing them to the correct size, which will be placed alongside the printed information panels as well as special objects and items of interest.

brailleThis is just one of the ways I am contributing to the project; I will be helping to install the exhibition very soon, I’ll be producing a piece of artwork to be displayed among the exhibits based on social attitudes towards visually impaired and blind people, volunteering at the exhibition itself to talk to visitors about my time using the Henshaws services over the past year, getting involved with some art workshops over the half-term – as well as contributing to the blog itself!

Amy Goodwin, Exhibitions Officer, said: “We are really excited to be showing One Man’s Vision at Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Not only is there a strong local connection, as Henshaws was set up just down the road in Old Trafford, but also the exhibition is really informative which will appeal to a wide audience. A lot of our hands-on interactives here are aimed at children, so it is great to have an exhibition that has hands-on elements for everyone. We think it will give our visitors a powerful insight into ways that vision effects everyday lives and how attitudes have changed over the last 175 years.”

The One Man’s Vision exhibition will be opened to the public at Salford Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday, 20th September. You can read more about the exhibition at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery website here.