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One of the key aims of Henshaws is to help the rest of society become more aware about the challenges faced by people with Visual Impairments. They believe if people and employers in particular understood the simple measure they can take to make the workplace more accessible then this will help Visually Impaired people lead more independent lives.Museums and Galleries have often been at the forefront of providing better access for disabled people but there is still more that can be done.
 We delivered the following training courses;

  • Visual Impairment Awareness Training for all curatorial, learning and visitor services staff (17) at Gallery Oldham – 21.09.12
  • Oral History training – three Manchester University MA Heritage Interpretation students – 21.05.12
  • Audio-Description Training for 9 curatorial and exhibition staff from museums to be potential hosts for the exhibition – 27.11.12
  • Mounting exhibitions training for one Manchester University MA Heritage Interpretation student. 16 – 19.10.12
  • Helping visually impaired visitors to explore the exhibition training attended by visitor services staff at Gallery Oldham x 6 – 19.10.12
  • Exhibition Hosts Induction x 15 – 29.10.12
  • Helping visually impaired visitors to explore the exhibition training attended by visitor services staff at Salford Museum and Art Gallery x 10 – 16.09.14
  • Creating object labels with one Henshaws service user – 9.9.14

Feedback from the Audio-Description Training

Training feedbackSummary

The training was hosted by Salford Culture and Leisure Trust at Ordsall Hall and was delivered by Anne Hornsby of Mind’s Eye Description. We invited members of staff from all the organisations who were interested in hosting the exhibition in the future.

All respondents enjoyed the training and were confident that this had provided them with audio-description skills and increased their understanding of visually impaired people, and that they would consider introducing audio-descriptions into their exhibitions in the future.


All respondents were in the age range from twenty-five to fifty-nine years and seventy-eight percent (seven) came from a white ethnic group. Sixty-seven percent (six) were female and thirty-three percent (three) were male. Eleven percent (one) had a disability.


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